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Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory

For many of you it sounds a bit supernatural, but please, don’t get surprised, here we are! Yes, yes… that’s the same Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory «KERAAMIKA», but we tuned a little bit our brand name and currently we are mainly focused on ceramic tableware and souvenirs. Young and proactive team manages factory directly from Tallinn that is why we can proudly state that factory finally belongs to Estonians. In addition, we are happy to announce that our range of products is entirely HAND MADE IN ESTONIA!
Our factory has unique history since the time of Peter the Great. During the last years, our factory overcame a bankruptcy by shifting from one owner to another and now we are full of ambitions to recover our former glory! Our solid history reminds us that we have outstanding factory, which was able to produce big range of products from various ware and souvenirs to interiors accents, tiles and bricks with total staff more than 900 employees.
Our mission is to recover a strong brand by prove in practice that our handcrafted goods are equal or even better in compare with top European competitors! Our core advantage based on fully hand-made production circle. Each unit has a warmth of hands and piece of a soul from our artisans. We got hundreds of positive feedbacks from our clients and it gives us confidence that our goods deliver joy to the people.

Production of ceramic products.

We are ready to assist you in complex but exciting process of interaction with ceramic products. Such goods as souvenirs, tableware or interior accents – that is what we currently offer you. Our goods will add to your home-life a bit of cosiness, refinement and warmth. Besides, our products have top-European quality and definitely will add value to your mode of life. Besides, we are able to exceed expectations for our corporate clients by producing unique and VIP presents with any level of complexity. There is nothing impossible for us!



Sõpruse 4, 79702, Prillimäe alevik, Kohila vald, ESTONIA