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Almost 300 Years of Handmade Experience

Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory is located in the heart of the capital of Estonia.
It is situated on the Northern Baltic Coast of Europe. Tallinn is in the list of UNESCO.

Tallinт Art Ceramic Factory was established in 1718 by Peter the Great. Russian Tsar ordered that a bricks-producing factory be built in the neighboring island of Koply, where a large natural source of blue clay had been discovered.

By the year 1720, the factory had been established and had begun producing red bricks and other elements, including famous decor tiles for the heating stoves and fireplaces for the Kadriorg Palace. After construction of the royal palace had been completed, the factory continued producing and exporting its decor elements to St. Petersburg, where the new Russian capital was being built.

During the Soviet period the factory has been heavily rebuilt and began production of ceramic products for home and contruction needs of the post-war country.

Today, this famous factory, the Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory, is still located on its original soils.

Now, in the 21st Century, we are proud of our historical heritage and we continue producing a wide variety of eco-friendly handmade ceramic products.