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Products and Services

Based on three hundred years of experience and traditions of ceramic production, Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory is providing a full range of services in developing and manufacturing high quality products including:

- ceramic dining sets
- kitchen utensil, pots, bowls and jugs
- wedding and holiday sets
- souvenirs and businesses gifts
- interior elements, vases, plates and figurines
- templates and blanks for further processing and painting
- individual projects

Products of the factory

In addition to the extensive catalog of products, Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory can provide a full cycle of design and development of ceramic products, starting from custom-made pieces and up to mass-production. Processes include:

- modeling of the original item
- developing of casting mold
- transferring the original model into the long lasting silicon model
- development of the multiplication casting mold
- multiplication of the casting molds
- custom painting
- custom color selections
- custom packaging
- expedition and delivery 

Instruction on the use of ceramic tableware:
All products are made by hand therefore there may be differences in the colors. It is not a defect.
Ceramic bakeware with mirror shiny surface, heat-resistant, can withstand high temperatures without changing color.
Food preserves the natural taste and aroma.
Ceramic Tableware Care:
- It can be used in electric ovens and gas cookers, microwave ovens.
- It is recommended to put the dishes in medium heated oven (up to about 70 ° C) and gradually heat to the required temperature for cooking food.
Cooking temperature can reach 250-300°C and above, because the temperature of the factory baking 1200°C.
- It is strictly forbidden to place the dishes in the ring of electric stove or open flame, because the air is colder than the surface of the stove.
Dishes can be placed in a wood-burning stove only on the coals
- It is not recommended to subject to sudden temperature changes: do not place cookware in hot oven you have just got out of the refrigerator, as well as dishes, which were kept frozen or chilled products. To do this, you must use the stand of wood cork or a dry towel.
-Dishes are washed in warm water, using detergents.
-Dishes can be washed in the dishwasher.