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Products and Services

Based on three hundred years of experience and traditions of ceramic production, Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory is providing a full range of services in developing and manufacturing high quality products including:

- ceramic dining sets
- kitchen utensil, pots, bowls and jugs
- wedding and holiday sets
- souvenirs and businesses gifts
- interior elements, vases, plates and figurines
- templates and blanks for further processing and painting
- individual projects

Products of the factory

In addition to the extensive catalog of products, Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory can provide a full cycle of design and development of ceramic products, starting from custom-made pieces and up to mass-production. Processes include:

- modeling of the original item
- developing of casting mold
- transferring the original model into the long lasting silicon model
- development of the multiplication casting mold
- multiplication of the casting molds
- custom painting
- custom color selections
- custom packaging
- expedition and delivery